Who is Cora Broussard?

Click here to order Midnight in New California Writing a book set fifteen years in the future presented all sorts of opportunities for cool new technology, major societal changes, and a much more interesting question—how could I potentially change over the course of fifteen years? When I started writing the book, I was finishing up […]

Why Midnight in New California?

Why did I call my book Midnight in New California? My first answer is that I don’t remember. I thought of the title in November 2016 before I began writing the book, and never seriously reconsidered. The “New California” part is obvious. The book takes place in 2032 in San Francisco, ten years after California […]

The Story Behind the Story

Since I was a young teenager, I wanted to write a novel. Over the years, I have produced many files called “novel.doc” and later, “novel.docx,” but none ever amounted to more than a few thousand words. The day after Donald Trump was elected president, I was surprised, upset, and hungover from too many bourbon manhattans. […]